Hammonton Democrats Agree to Debate

Last year without a candidate in the race we attempted to broker a debate between the Hammonton First Candidates and the Republican Candidates for Mayor and Council.  Those attempts were unsuccessful.  This year with Rocky in the race there will be a debate.  Details to follow.

Thank you Michelle Post for covering this for the people of Hammonton.



Meeting – Thursday May 29th – 7 pm – Frog Rock

All Democrats and anyone interested in running as a write-in for Hammonton Council are invited to discuss the Primary Election Thursday 5/29 at Frog Rock, 7 p.m.

We will be discussing the primary and talking with persons interested in running as a Democrat in the fall.  No persons submitted petitions so anyone interested in running will need to have their name written in on the ballot to qualify for the fall.

Frog Rock Golf Course 420 Boyer Ave Hammonton, NJ



The Hammonton Democrat Club is looking for persons interested in running for City Council.  Please contact Jim Schroeder at 609-270-7590 to set up an interview.

Senator Booker comes to Hammonton

The Atlantic County Democrats will hold their Annual Convention on Saturday March 22 starting at 8 am at Kerri Brooke Caterers on the White Horse Pike in Hammonton.

Special guests will include Senator Cory Booker and other dignitaries who will address the Convention.

Hammonton Democrats who wish to attend should contact Jim Schroeder at 609-270-7590 to reserve a seat.  The Club will pick up the cost for the first dozen people interested in attending.

Democrats Call for Debate

Press Release

Democrats call for debate between Hammonton Candidates

Club is not running candidates this year, calls for debate to help voters make an educated choice between Republican and Hammonton First Slates and extends an offer to host.

Hammonton, September 6, 2013:  The Hammonton Democrat Club Vice President Jim Scarpato called for a debate between the Republican and Hammonton First slate of candidates today.  “While our club is still in the process of reforming and is not running a slate for local office, we regularly discuss local issues and believe it would be in the best interest of all voters and especially our undecided registered Democrats to have an opportunity to hear from all of the candidates in a debate forum.”

“In some election years there have been debates and other recent years the plans for such a public dialogue have fallen apart for a number of reasons.  We believe a debate would benefit all during this crucial election for the future of Hammonton and are committed to helping voters make an informed choice.  The club will do what it can to facilitate bringing both slates to the debate forum” said Scarpato.

The Hammonton Democrat Club is ready to work with whatever media, education or civic organizations are willing to step up and facilitate a debate.  Our Club President James Schroeder, Esq., a local attorney and pastor of Crossroads Church in Shamong is willing to serve as moderator if acceptable to the candidates.  Jim is a municipal prosecutor and former committeeman in Shamong before choosing to relocate his family to Hammonton several years ago.

Second Vice President Nick Polito, also in favor of debate added, “At the end of the day the important thing is for the candidates to articulate their position on the issues and engage the voting public.  Debate is a good way to see how a candidate will look up on the Dias as a member of our local elected body.  We hope the leadership of both parties strongly consider our offer to assist them and the voters make the best choice for Hammonton in November.”

Meeting Announcement: April 23, 2013

The Hammonton Democrat Club will meet on Tuesday April 23rd at 7 p.m. at Rocco’s Townhouse 21 North 3rd Street Hammonton. The business meeting will include officer elections and discussion regarding candidates. Meeting is open to anyone interested. Contact Jim Schroeder at 856-385-7081 for more information.